The panoramic bike paths

On the way on disused railroad lines between Ruhr, Rhine and Sieg

Where trains once drove industrialization forward, today breathtaking natural panoramas, rural idylls and urban life can be experienced from a bicycle perspective. Tunnels, viaducts and milestones along the way are reminders of the railroad past. Heights from which the gaze can roam alternate, just a few pedal steps away, with historical sights.
The Panorama Radwege network is 300 kilometers long. It connects the former railroad tracks in the Bergisches Land, the southern Ruhrgebiet and the Sauerland and links them to the popular river bike paths on the Rhine, Ruhr and Sieg. Around 175 kilometers lead along former rail routes with few inclines, and there are only a few more strenuous passages to master on the connecting routes.

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