The "Fledermaustunnel" as part of the SauerlandRadring and Ruhr-Sieg-Radweg between Finnentrop-Fehrenbracht and Eslohe-Kückelheim is closed annually on October 31.

After that the animals, from which the Kückelheim tunnel got its name, can move back into the 689m long tube to hibernate there undisturbed for a good five months.At the latest on the first weekend in April, the new cycling season can begin again. With favorable climatic data an earlier opening is also possible. About the exact date we inform here in time.

For cyclists who want to ride the SauerlandRadring or the Ruhr-Sieg-Radweg on the route Finnentrop - Eslohe also in winter, a winter bypass from Fehrenbracht via Schliprüthen, Obersalwey, Niedersalwey to Eslohe or the other way round from Eslohe via Niedersalwey, Obersalwey, Schliprüthen to Fehrenbracht is signposted as part of the state-wide cycle path network.

The SauerlandRadring can therefore also be used during the closure period of the tunnel via this - albeit topographically more demanding - alternative route.