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The Kalied (745 m) offers a breathtaking panorama over the Medebach Bay, which has been designated a European bird sanctuary.

Sonnenaufgang am Aussichtspunkt Kalied

Sonnenaufgang am Aussichtspunkt Kalied


Aussichtspunkt Kalied

Zum Pön

59964 Medebach



The view sweeps from the Kalied (above Medebach-Düdinghausen) over the Medebach Bay to the Kahler Asten and the Eisenberg in Korbach. Two large panorama boards from the Sauerland-Höhenflug clearly explain the important peaks and landmarks of the Sauerland. The Kalied is one of the highlights of the "Kahle-Pön Nature Trail" premium trail.

In a refuge, where Stefan Pinnow and Kathrin Heinrichs have already taken a seat for the program "Wunderschön", you can find out about the nature conservation and cultural landscape history features around the Kahle Pön and the Kalied by means of information boards.

You can reach the Aussichtspunkt Kalied on foot from the Kahle-Pön hiking parking lot above the village of Düdinghausen. From here, simply follow the signs. The hiking parking lot is also the starting point of the "Kahle-Pön Nature Trail".

Text source: Touristik-Gesellschaft Medebach mbH

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