Edema Center Bad Berleburg "Haus am Schlosspark"


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Specialist clinic for lymphology and edema diseases

Practice for lymphology and vascular diseases

Haus am Schlosspark


Edema Center Bad Berleburg "Haus am Schlosspark"

Hochstraße 7

57319 Bad Berleburg

Telefon: 02751 804-0

Fax: 02751 804-200




The Bad Berleburg "Haus am Schlosspark" Oedema Center is a specialist lymphology clinic and treats lymphatic drainage disorders, phleboedema, lipoedema and all other congestion conditions that can be treated using physical oedema therapy.

The clinic's therapeutic team puts together an individual therapy program for each patient from the wide range of health-promoting offers. The rehabilitation goals are to restore the patient's ability to work, improve self-care, avoid the need for care, cope with the illness ("learning to live with a chronic illness") and improve quality of life.


Public Transit

Getting there

Du fährst über die B 480 nach Bad Berleburg. Von Raumland kommend biegst du links ab in die Straße "Schlossstraße".

Von Winterberg kommend biegst du nach rechts ab in die Straße "Hochstraße".



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