Grenzkamm Trail

A tour around Willingen with wonderful viewpoints.



Tour starting point:

Willingen Visitor Center, Am Hagen 10, 34508 Willingen (Upland)

Tour destination point:

Willingen Visitor Center, Am Hagen 10, 34508 Willingen (Upland)


  • Singletrail / Freeride
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  • Insider tip
  • Round trip
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Additional Information




39.9 km


3:55 Std.

Elevation ascent

895 m

Elevation descent

897 m

Altitude (Minimum)

472 m

Altitude (Maximum)

836 m





Recommended seasons


Things were not at all romantic here on January 18, 2007. It was the end of the world. With peak winds of over 200 kilometers per hour, storm Kyrill tore entire tree roots out of the ground and scalped entire mountain flanks. From a distance, some mountain ranges looked as if someone had tipped a few boxes of matches over them. Today, some forest areas resemble a cemetery of tree stumps covering several square kilometers. Kyrill has created panoramas that didn't exist before, and also encourages bikers to think about climate protection. Whereas some Grenzweg routes previously led through dense stands of fir trees, today the distant views are impressive. The panoramas are not permanent. Nature is already reclaiming its forest.



Around Willingen: We start by biking through the Strycktal valley, up to the Hillekopf. A rooty trail leads us to the former "Toter Mann" coal pile. We have reached our altitude for the first time and so we continue flowing over the Neuer Hagen nature reserve to the Langenberg (highest mountain in NRW 847 m). On the Willingen side, we ride down a racy gravel descent into the Brilon valley and then along the railroad tracks to Brilon-Wald. At a monastery, the route climbs steeply up a trail to the Brilon Wald Klink. After a long climb, we cycle a leisurely ascent to the mountain "Zum Hoher Eimberg". Looking to the right, we are always amazed at how beautiful the Sauerland is. At the top of the mountain, the Grenzweg is another trail highlight. We cycle along the border for about half of the way and then take the W 8 hiking trail into the Diemeltal valley. Riding towards Schwalefeld, we head up one last hill to the Orenberg. We take another look at Willingen before riding a very challenging downhill back to Willingen.

Public transiot

Bus/train to Willingen train station, continue by shared cab (AST) to the visitor center stop or 10 minutes on foot to the starting point at the visitor center

Getting there

From Bremen/Münster: A1 to Dortmund/Unna - A44 to Werl junction - A445/A46 to the end of the freeway at Bestwig - B7 towards Brilon - after Nuttlar L 743 to Olsberg/Elleringhausen - B251 to WillingenFrom Hamburg/Hanover: A2 to Bielefeld, A33 towards Paderborn to the end of the highway - B480 to Brilon - B251 to WillingenFrom Frankfurt: A 5 to Gießen-Südkreuz - Gießener Ring to Marburg - Frankenberg - Korbach - B251 to Willingen From Munich/Würzburg: A 7 towards Kassel - A 44 to Zierenberg exit - B251 Korbach - WillingenFrom Dortmund: A44 to Werl junction - A445/A46 to end of freeway Bestwig - B7 towards Brilon - after Nuttlar L 743 to Olsberg/Elleringhausen - B251 to Willingen From Kassel:A 44 to Zierenberg exit - B251 Korbach - Willingen


Free parking at the visitor center/lagoon pool

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