Radeln nach Zahlen / Outdooractive Touren / Pengel-Anton-Radweg
Passenger trains ran on the Soest-Brilon line from 1899 to 1960. As in the Münsterland, so also in the Möhnetal, people only spoke of the "Pengel-Anton" or the "Kiepenkerl".



Die MöhneLife Punkte machen die Natur erlebbar.

Eine kleine Pause an der Mühlheimer Schlacht

Eine Fahrradtour im Grünen

Die malerische Kanzelbrücke ist die älteste Brücke über den Möhnesee.



Großer Teich in Soest



Tour starting point:

Brilon - "Brilon Stadt" station

Tour destination point:

Soest train station


  • From A to B
  • Refreshment stop




55.8 km


3:40 Std.

Elevation ascent

102 m

Elevation descent

435 m

Altitude (Minimum)

95 m

Altitude (Maximum)

429 m





Recommended seasons


In 1970, freight traffic between Soest and Belecke was also discontinued and the tracks subsequently dismantled. After a period of disuse, the railroad track was restored and opened to cycle traffic by 1985.

If you cycle the Pengel-Anton-Radweg from Brilon, you cycle on the gradient. In Rüthen, you quickly reach the district of Soest. A detour to the historic town center of the mountain town is recommended. But the route also goes in the opposite direction, typically for cycle paths on former railroad lines, mostly without any significant gradients.

Belecke is also a good starting point or destination for a tour on the Pengel-Anton-Radweg, as this is where cycle tourists can connect to the RLG FahrradBus in the direction of Soest and Lippstadt/Warstein.

Between Rüthen, Belecke and the Möhnesee, the different landscape characteristics of this region also become clear. To the north of this section of the route, you will discover the farmland below the southern slope of the "Haar", and to the south the extensive woodlands of the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park.

Downstream along the Möhne, the route then leads to the Möhnesee. In generous sweeps, you cycle gently out of the valley up to the ridge of the Haarstrang. Before you roll down to the Hanseatic town of Soest with its numerous sights, it is worth taking a look at the lake and the kilometers you have covered from above.

Forest ship in the beaver valley

Waldimpressionen Abendstimmung

Forest ship of the Sauerland-Waldroute. Experience point and ranger station.

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Drewer quarries

Blick auf den Steinbruch

After the quarries were closed down, groundwater formed the beautiful lake surrounded by steep walls as a natural gem; later often referred to as the "Blue Lagoon" near Drewer.

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Mülheim battle

Rast an der Mülheimer Schlacht

A fish ladder was installed in the Mülheim battle area in 2014.

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Burghof Museum

Burghofmuseum Soest

The 16th century building was rebuilt in individual sections.

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Brilon - Rüthen - Belecke - Sichtigvor - Allagen - Niederbergheim - Völlinghausen - Wamel - Echtrop - Elfsen - SoestEasy to cycle from Brilon to Soest, mostly flat route or slight gradient.Intersection sequence: 12 - 9 - 10 - 38 - 37 - 36 - 67 - 68 - 69 - 42 - 97 - 43 - 17The entire Sauerland region has been signposted with the junction system since 2015:

Safty guidelines

A rescue point system has been installed throughout the region (Soest district, Hochsauerlandkreis, Märkischer Kreis, Olpe district and Siegen-Wittgenstein district). Rescue points can be found on the information boards at the junctions of the Südwestfalen cycle network.

Public transiot

Direct connection to the Upper Ruhrtalbahn and the Ruhrgebiet.Stops: Brilon-Stadt or Brilon-Wald

Getting there

From the west: A1 to Dortmund/Unna junction - then A44 to Werl junction - then A445/A46 to Bestwig-Velmede junction and continue on the B7 to Brilon.From the north: Hanover - A2 to Bielefeld junction - A33 to Wünnenberg-Haaren junction and continue on the B480 to Brilon.From the east: A44 Kassel to the Wünnenberg-Haaren interchange and continue on the B480 to Brilon or exit at the Marsberg junction and continue on the B7 to Brilon.From the south: to Kassel and continue on the A44 to the Wünnenberg-Haaren interchange or exit at the Marsberg junction and continue on the B7 to Brilon.


You will find plenty of parking spaces at the starting point "Brilon Stadt" station. At the end point in Soest, you will find free parking spaces on Georg-Plange-Platz not far from the station.

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