The Valmetal Hunau Tour

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Beautiful mountain bike tour around the Valmetal and the Hunau.



Tour starting point:


Tour destination point:



  • Round trip




36.5 km


4:58 Std.

Elevation ascent

1083 m

Elevation descent

1086 m

Altitude (Minimum)

365 m

Altitude (Maximum)

813 m





Recommended seasons


Challenging climbs, steep descents, lots of views and lots of forest. Refreshment stops in Bödefeld, as well as at the beginning / end of the MTB tour.



The start of the tour is the small wooden bridge on the stream "Valme". Start at the hotel parking lot and drive about 60m down the road at the "Pochwerk", then left down the small path and over a small wooden bridge. At the edge of the forest turn right along the "Valme" in the direction of "Untervalme". In "Untervalme" turn left uphill, past the small vacation houses and up to "Brigitte-Hennecke-Platz". Drive uphill on the right between the houses and keep right. Immediately turn right again (at the bench) onto the path into the forest. Follow the path until you reach the village "Obervalme".At the main road turn left and go up the road a bit. Then turn left downhill towards the forest. Cross the stream "Valme". Follow the path uphill, turn right at the barrier and continue up the hill. Once on the upper path, follow the forest path parallel to the road and up to the main road.Attention. You will cross several bridges on the tour, which can be very slippery from September.Cross the road and head towards "Kreuzberg". First follow the asphalt road and then the gravel road up the mountain. Follow the path in the direction of "Nasse Wiese"/"Hunau". You drive up to the highest point "Hunau" at over 800m. At the top you drive down the meadow on the left at the lift (ski slope Hunau). Don't drive all the way down but turn left at the sled lift into the forest. Follow the path downhill and parallel to the main road.Drive downhill to the main road, then turn right over a small bridge and cross the main road. At the pedal pool, turn right onto the small path and follow it to the playground. Behind the playground turn left uphill. Follow the path until you reach the "Vogelstange". There, follow the path steeply uphill to the left until you reach the main path. At the main path turn right and immediately left again up the hill via the small path. Follow the path until you reach the "Hollenfelsen". Above the "Hollenfelsen" follow the main path to the right.Follow the path until you reach Bödefeld. In "Bödefeld" treat yourself to a short break in the "Dorfpark" or in one of the restaurants.In "Bödefeld" drive under the motorway bridge and drive along behind the sports ground. Follow the upper road on the right uphill until you reach the village "Brabecke". In "Brabecke" drive past the church and up the hill towards "Ramsbeck".Then follow the "VA5" to above Ramsbeck (long right turn) and take the path on the left down to "Werdern". Follow the main road to the left until you reach a crossroads, turn right and change sides of the road. Then follow the "Bergbauwanderweg" on the left until you reach the center of the village.There, at the main intersection, drive up the hill on the right between the houses and follow the "Bergbauwanderweg" on the right back to the "Werdern". Once there, turn left onto the main road in the direction of the hotel. Then turn left up the hill. Follow the path on the right back to the hotel.

Safty guidelines

Hikers can meet you on the trails. The wooden bridges are very slippery in autumn and you can quickly slip away.

Public transiot

By train with Bestwig station. Then by bus to Ramsbeck.

Getting there

from the A46 follow the B7 Bestwig direction Fort Fun.

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