Journey to Schmallenberg

Arrival by car

Over all mountains to the land of a thousand mountains...

With the car you reach Schmallenberg optimally over the:

  • BAB 45 "Sauerlandlinie" from Dortmund, freeway exit Olpe
  • BAB 45 from Frankfurt/Stuttgart, freeway exit Olpe
  • BAB 4 Köln/Olpe, until freeway junction Wenden, continue BAB 45 in direction Dortmund until freeway exit Olpe (approx. 5 km)
  • BAB 44 from Dortmund to freeway junction Werl, continue BAB 445 direction Arnsberg to freeway exit Meschede/Enste (B55) or Wennemen
  • BAB 44 from direction Kassel to freeway exit Erwitte/Anröchte
  • BAB 2 Hannover-Dortmund to freeway exit Paderborn continue on BAB 33

Arrival by train

The surrounding train stations are on average 25 minutes away from Schmallenberg by car. You can organize your onward journey to the Schmallenberg Sauerland and the vacation region of Eslohe by bus:

  • From Lennestadt-Altenhundem train station with the SB9 bus line.
  • From Meschede train station with bus line S90
  • From Winterberg train station with bus line S40.