Journey to Wickede (Ruhr)

Federal Motorway Connections

A 445 / A 46 Werl - Arnsberg
A 44 Dortmund - Kassel

Village center and parking lot overview

The map village center and parking overview informs you in detail about the village center and parking possibilities.

by train

Wickede (Ruhr) is located at the railroad lines

  • the RE "Sauerland-Express" from Kassel / Warburg to Hagen
  • the RE "Dortmund-Sauerland-Express" from Bestwig to Dortmund

Timetable information is available on the website of the railroad Your starting point or destination station is Wickede(Ruhr).

by bus

Line R42 Werl - Wickede
line R 44 Wickede - Menden
Line 160 Wickede - Wiehagen - Fröndenberg
line T 61 Wickede-Wiehagen-Bentrop
Line 612 Wickede-Wiehagen-Schlückingen-Werl
Line 515 Wickede - Waltringen - Ense-Bremen
Line T 63 Wickede-Waltringen-Ense-Bremen
Line 611 Wickede - Echthausen - Voßwinkel- Wimbern
Line R 46 Wickede-Echthausen-Neheim

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