Möhnesee - Hevearm & Hevesee Nature Reserve

Due to its location between the agricultural Westphalian Bay and the densely wooded Sauerland, the Möhne Dam offers ideal feeding and resting conditions for migrating waterfowl. Every year from August to April, many thousands of waterfowl come to stay, sometimes for months at a time. Because of this international importance as a resting, migrating and wintering area, the dam was declared an EU bird sanctuary in the Europe-wide "Natura 2000" network of protected areas. Especially in the calm water areas of the nature reserve Hevearm-Hevesee numerous bird species find a retreat and wintering area.

Year-round visitors include heron and mallard ducks, coots, cormorants, great crested grebes, gray geese, Canada geese, mute swans and gray herons. Rarer visitors include teal, pochard, goldeneye, common merganser and little grebe.

Tip: The nature promenade with 3 viewing pulpits along the Heve peninsula.