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The development of the Meggen ore deposit
History of the mining villages of Meggen and Halberbracht
Siciliaschacht Meggen
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Siciliaschacht Meggen Mining Museum

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Mining in Meggen was carried out continuously from 1853 to 1992. Sulphur pyrite, lead, zinc and barite were mined. In 140 years of mining history, Meggen mining was one of the most important mines in the world.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the iron industry flourished in the district of Olpe. Sauerland charcoal and water power were important location factors. Initially, smaller ore deposits were mined here. This included the "Iron Hat" of the sulphur gravel deposits in Meggen and Halberbracht. Later, horse-drawn carts brought the better iron spar from the Soiegerland and in return brought the Sauerland charcoal there.

Parts of the Sicilia mine
Today, you can visit the branded grain trolley with the information center, the headframe with the shaft hall and the hoisting vessel, the two hoisting machines with the workplaces of the machine operators, the compressors, the mine control room, a show gallery and mine vehicles. In the shaft hall, the construction of the headframe and the ore hoisting vessel can be viewed. One of the two hoisting machines, which brought 3,000 tons of ore to the surface every day, can be put into operation. A show tunnel explains how the miners' work was carried out.

Permanent exhibition
A glass model illustrates the ore deposit down to a depth of 750 m between Meggen and Halberbracht (3.5 km away). It also shows how the Meggen ore deposit was formed 370 million years ago in the Devonian period and how mining methods have developed over time. A ramp with a 12% gradient leads from the surface to 650 m underground, accessible with the large loaders and trucks that can be seen outside. The exhibition also provides information about the processing and further use of barite and sulphur pyrite for the chemical industry.

The people in mining
The exhibition focuses on the hard work of generations of skilled miners, their training, the use of the latest technology and the dangers underground. It is not forgotten that the women also shared the well-being of their husbands and sons working in the mines and contributed to the survival of their families.

Hike through Meggen's mining history
The 4.3 km long hiking trail leads through Meggen's mining history with 17 display boards, while the 3.7 km long hiking trail leads through Halberbracht's mining history with 11 display boards.
The hiking trails can be used at any time. Flyers with hiking maps are available at the mining museum.

Offers for school classes
As part of the "Südwestfalen macht Schule" project, the Siciliaschacht Meggen Mining Museum offers two experience-oriented learning programs on the topics of "Of mountains and miners" and "Raw materials in rock".

The Siciliaschacht Meggen Mining Museum is an attraction of WasserEisenLand - Industrial Culture South Südwestfalen

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Special guided tours (also on weekdays) by appointment on 02721/9539954 or 02721/80922.

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