Plettenberg: Road Bike Tour L

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The 99 km long route from Plettenberg to Finnentrop, Sundern at the Sorpesee, Neuenrade, Werdohl and back to Plettenberg is a demanding road bike tour, which requires a very good physical condition. The tour runs mainly on good road surfaces.

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Tour starting point:

Plettenberg center

Tour destination point:

Plettenberg center


  • Stage tour
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop




98.3 km


5:00 Std.

Elevation ascent

1266 m

Elevation descent

1266 m

Altitude (Minimum)

181 m

Altitude (Maximum)

510 m





Recommended seasons


The 99 km long road bike tour starts in the heart of the city of Plettenberg. First it goes out of town in the direction of Landemert. Via Hülschotten it goes over the first climb, the "Höchsten" to Heggen. After the well-deserved descent, the tour leads along the Bigge and from there along the B236 to Rönkhausen. On this rather flatter section, a good cutting speed can be driven.

In Rönkhausen you turn right at the traffic circle and take the Lenscheider Straße / L687 into the first confessed mountain stage. Now you have to climb the "Lenscheid" with a total of about 260 meters of altitude. Afterwards you can recharge your batteries with a long descent via Hagen to Allendorf, and then follow the L687 and L686 to Amecke.

In Amecke, the Sorpesee is circumnavigated on the cycle path and finally, in Bruchhausen, the journey continues via Langenholthausen to Garbeck.

Behind Garbeck hilly serpentines follow. The Leveringhauser Weg, which is well built at first, becomes single-track in Leveringhausen and thus somewhat narrower. The following descent to the Isenbach requires caution.

In the further course it goes past the Landwehr and over the L683 to Evingsen. The village is quickly crossed and it continues along Dahler Straße in the village of the same name, behind which the last major climb awaits. To the top of the Kohlberg there are now about 220 meters of altitude waiting before the descent to Neuenrade.

Once in Neuenrade, the route continues in the direction of Werdohl. The descent to the B236 runs along a wide federal road (B229) and has one or two hairpin bends to offer.

Finally, it goes over the mostly flat B236 and Teindeln in the direction of Plettenberg. On the Böddinghauser Weg and the following Bahnhofsstraße the legs can be loosened up until finally the starting and finishing point of the tour is reached in the center of Plettenberg.

Hiking parking lot Auf dem Höchsten

On the back of the mountain "Auf dem Höchsten" and directly on the Sauerland-Höhenflug is the hiking parking lot of the same name.

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South signal box

Stellwerk Süd

Railroad history to look at

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Community Finnentrop - Tourism

Rathaus von außen

Information about the tourist offer in the municipality of Finnentrop is available at the Finnentrop town hall.

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Schloss Haus Amecke

Schloss Haus Amecke

Castle in Sundern!

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Sorpe promenade Langscheid

Blühende Promenade

Experience point in Sundern!

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The Sorpesee in Sundern!

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Hiking parking lot Skihang in Neuenrade

Wanderparkplatz Skihang

Hiking, skiing and tobogganing in the Sauerland Rothaargebirge Nature Park

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Vineyard in Neuenrade

Blick auf Neuenrade durch das Tor vom Weinberg

A vineyard in the middle of the Sauerland, from which the visitor has a beautiful view of Neuenrade.

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Plettenberg (center) - Finentrop - Sundern (Sorpesee) - Neuenrade - Werdohl - Plettenberg (center)

Public transiot

Stop map Plettenberg, Grünestraße: https: // plan Plettenberg, train station: https: // information:


Free parking at the Wall or at the Wieden, Plettenberg

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