The Lenneroute is characterized by the beauty of the Sauerland's nature. It promises the cyclist an incredible abundance of deep green forests, hills, picturesque meadows and sunny valleys.

Fischbauchträgerbrücke Böddinghausen

Lichtblick Lenneschiene

Lennepark Finnentrop

Fischereibetrieb in Müllen

Eisenbahnbrücke mit Radweg vor Plettenberg

Neue Uferpromenade in Plettenberg


Haus in Hilfringhausen

Neue Uferpromenade in Plettenberg

Wasserschloss Lenhausen

Ruine Schwarzenberg

Blick auf die Lenne

Lennewehr Elhausen

Tour starting point:

Winterberg train station

Tour destination point:

Wetter (Ruhr) train station


  • From A to B
  • Refreshment stop

Additional Information





143.8 km


9:30 Std.

Elevation ascent

475 m

Elevation descent

1010 m

Altitude (Minimum)

84 m

Altitude (Maximum)

838 m





Recommended seasons


On the tour to the mouth of the Lenne, you will pass castles and palaces that provide ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of the region. But also interesting products of industrial culture give a revealing insight into the historical development of the region. Towards the end of the route, the route increasingly passes through cities and the cyclist gets an impression of the pulsating life of the Ruhrgebiet. The last part of the route provides relaxation. On quiet paths, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the cyclist reaches the mouth of the Lenne into the Ruhr. The 140-kilometer route can be extended by 100 kilometers through several excursions, which, just like the route itself, are well developed. The first half of the Lenneroute runs mainly on cycle paths and quiet side roads. Between Werdohl and Iserlohn-Letmathe it is recommended to take the very good train connection, especially for families with children.

Winterberg train station

Bahnhof Winterberg

Newly built station of the line Bestwig - Winterberg.

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Tourist Information Winterberg


Visit us at the Tourist Information in the Oversum, directly at the Kurpark!

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Branch tower
Schmallenberg Sauerland Tourism

Holz- und Touristikzentrum Schmallenberg

Visit the Schmallenberg Sauerland Tourism in the Schmallenberg Wood and Tourism Center.

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Tourist Information Lennestadt and Kirchhundem


Welcome to Lennestadt, the treasure in the Sauerland and Kirchhundem, in the middle of the Rothaarsteig.

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Rothaarsteig train station Lennestadt-Altenhundem

The station at the Rothaarsteig in Lennestadt-Altenhundem offers services for guests and travelers.

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Grevenbrück train station, KulturBahnhof Lennestadt


Railroad station in Lennestadt-Grevenbrück , the former station building houses a cultural and gastronomic establishment ("EssBahnhof") with a changing program of events and a permanent exhibition.

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RB line(s): RB 92

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Heimathaus Plettenberg

Heimathaus Plettenberg

The Heimathaus Plettenberg houses the municipal museum.

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Plettenberg-Eiringhausen train station

Bahnhof Eiringhausen

In the course of the construction of the Ruhr-Sieg line Hagen-Siegen by the Bergisch-Märkische Eisenbahn, 13 stations and stops had been built between Hagen and Siegen.

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Adventure pool and slides-GIGANT AquaMagis

Erlebnisbad und Rutschen-Gigant AquaMagis

Adventure pool

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Oestertalsperre Plettenberg

The picturesque Oestertalsperre is Plettenberg's service water reservoir and the city's largest swimming pool at the end of the town in Plettenberg-Himmelmert.

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Fish belly arch bridge

Fischbauchbogenbrücke Plettenberg-Böddinghausen

The fish-bellied arch bridge over the Lenne River in Plettenberg was built in 1914 as part of the railroad connection from Plettenberg to Herscheid, which was closed in 1969.

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Burg Altena

Außenansicht Burg Altena

One of the most beautiful hilltop castles in Germany One of the most beautiful hilltop castles in Germany is enthroned in a picturesque location high above the old wire-drawing town of Altena ( link to webcam ) on the Lenne River.

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Tourist information Iserlohn


The tourist information office in the Stadtbahnhof is the hub for tourists and locals in Iserlohn.

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A tour in the Iserlohn city forest with a visit to the Danzturm (384,5m/NN) should not be missed either.

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Iserlohn City Museum


Housed on three floors in one of the city's most beautiful baroque buildings, the Iserlohn City Museum is home to nearly 400 million years of geography and urban history.

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Lake Henstey



Junction order:Start: Winterberg train station56 - 57 - 47 - 52 - 39 - 37 - 41 - 46 - 47 - 48 - 50 - 51 - 45 - 64 - 63 - 59 - 57 - 58 - 56 Destination: Hagen-Hohenlimburg - confluence with the Ruhr river

Safty guidelines

The first half of the Lenneroute runs mainly on bike paths and quiet side roads.Between Werdohl and Iserlohn-Letmathe, cyclists are increasingly guided along roads with heavier traffic. Work is currently underway to improve the routing by building new cycle paths or relocating some sections of the route. The very good rail connection between Werdohl and Iserlohn-Letmathe offers a bridging of the critical areas. This is especially recommended for families with children. For the somewhat experienced cyclist, the "Variante Fernblick" from Werdohl to Burg Altena offers a unique "high-altitude experience".In the area of Hagen, the route runs almost continuously on a paved bike path to the mouth of the Lenne River.The majority of the route is asphalted. The few sections on unpaved forest, field and shore paths are topographically easy to master. With the exception of the few days when there is snow, the route is easy to follow all year round.If there are detours, you will find them at www.lenneroute.de.

Public transiot

Train connection RE 17 from Hagen Hbf with change in Schwerte(Ruhr) and further with RE 57 to Winterberg(Westf). The travel time including the change in Schwerte(Ruhr) is about 2 hours.

Getting there

Directions to Winterberg From the north: A7 Hamburg-Hannover- A2 Bielefeld - A33 Paderborn - exit Wünnenberg, direction Brilon > Olsberg > WinterbergFrom the south: A5 Frankfurt-Giessen - exit Marburg, direction Allendorf > WinterbergFrom the west: A44 Dortmund-Kassel - exit Werl junction, direction A 46 Arnsberg > Meschede>Bestwig>Olsberg>WinterbergFrom the east: A44 Kassel-Dortmund - exit Zierenberg, direction B 251 Korbach >Medebach>Winterberg


Free parking is available at the Winterberg train station.

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