Soest & Lippetal - Three Castles Route

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Scenic and culturally outstanding easy round trip through the Soest city area via Welver into the Lippetal.


Haus Assen

Haus Nehlen

Schloss Hovestadt


St. Ida Basilika Herzfeld


Sändkers Mühle

Tour starting point:

Soest (bicycle station at the train station) or Lippetal (information point next to the church in Lippborg or at the town hall in Hovestadt)

Tour destination point:

Soest (bicycle station at the train station) or Lippetal (information point next to the church in Lippborg or at the town hall in Hovestadt)


  • promising
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • family friendly

Additional Information

On the way there are several places where we can rest: in Borgeln, Lippborg, Herzfeld-Kesseler, Hovestadt Schoneberg, Brockhausen as well as in Soest. We also come across several resting places where a picnic is possible in charming surroundings.




47.3 km


2:50 Std.

Elevation ascent

85 m

Elevation descent

85 m

Altitude (Minimum)

65 m

Altitude (Maximum)

102 m





Recommended seasons


The cycle route runs mainly through the city of Soest and the municipality of Lippetal, but also touches the Welveran municipal area. As its name suggests, there are three prominent castles and manor houses along the way. Haus Nehlen (between KP 51 and 8, detour from Stocklarn towards Berwicke), Haus Assen at KP 06 and Schloss Hovestadt at KP 10.

Furthermore, it crosses two landscapes of the district of Soest: the lush fields of the Soest Börde, as well as the park landscape of the southern Münsterland in the municipality of Lippetal. Last but not least we can visit several remarkable churches, a castle park as well as a special nature reserve. We cycle past mills and also cross the Lippe and its four large side streams from the Börde (Soestbach, Schledde, Rosenau and Ahse). So we can claim with a clear conscience that this round trip is one of the most scenic and culturally outstanding cycling routes in the district.

House Kükelhaus

Haus Kükelhaus

Life and work of Hugo Kükelhaus

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loechen playground
Aussichtsturm Ahsewiese

Aussichtsturm Ahsewiesen

Location: 59510 Lippetal, on the route between Krewinkel-Wiltrop and Hultrop Discover the Auenland from above!

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Fine Distillery Northoff

Northofer Etiketten

Since 1787, the name Northofer with its exquisite distilled specialties has stood for the highest quality and responsible enjoyment for those special moments.

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Sändkers Mill in Heintrop

Sändkers Mühle - Flügel

Address: Heintroper Str.

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Natural resources Lippeaue White stork
E-bike charging station - Lippborg, Restaurant/Hotel Wi


This charging station at Gasthof Willenbrink is located in the center of Lippborg.

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Ss. Cornelius and Cyprianus Church Lippborg

Kirche Lippborg von hinten

The foundation stone of the present neo-Gothic church was laid on 21.

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Teaching pool Lippborg

Schwimmbad rechts

The teaching pool was renovated in 2015.

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Wasserschloss House Assen

Schloss Assen

The beginnings of the Wasserschloss "Haus Assen" date back to the 14th century.

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The Lippe - Nature experience Auenland

Luftbild Lippe

With a length of approx. 220 km North Rhine-Westphalia's longest river!

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Fishing on the river Lippe

"Altarm" der Lippe

The Lippe has a good fish stock. Eels, pike, carp, chub, asp, tench and zander are caught.

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Lock and weir in Kesseler (Kessel mill)

Lippebrücke Niederbauer-Kesseler

There is a systemic connection between Elisabeth-Schleuse of 1828 and Wehr of 1891 in Kessler.

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Bicycle service station

Fahrrad-Service-Station in Kesseler

Bicycle tube box and repair station (Fa.

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Hedge nature trail Kesseler

Heckenlehrpfad - Hinweisschild

The nature trail includes explanations of more than 20 native woody species and a Landwehr that is still partly visible from the relief.

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E-bike charging station - Herzfeld, Meier restaurant


The charging station is located at the Meier restaurant in the center of Herzfeld.

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Rental special bicycles


Rental for special bicycles for people with disabilities

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Bicycle service company Horstmann, Herzfeld


Bicycle service in Lippetal-Herzfeld

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St. Ida Pilgrimage Basilica in Herzfeld

St. Ida Basilika

Location: Kirchplatz 10 in 59510 Lippetal-Herzfeld "Papal Basilica Minor

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Schloss Hovestadt mit Barockgarten

Schloss Hovestadt

This imposing complex is recognized as an outstanding monument.

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Barockgarten von Schloss Hovestadt

Holzbrücke im Schlosspark

Lage: 59510 Lippetal-Hovestadt, Schloßstraße 1 Instandgesetzter Barockgarten mit einzigartigem Heckentheater

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Schloss Hovestadt

Schloss Hovestadt

Schloss Hovestadt rises directly on the banks of the Lippe.

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Tourist-Information Lippetal


The office of the tourist information is located in the town hall, 1.

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Meck's nostalgic country garden

Park-like romantic country garden surrounded by old beech hedges.

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Natural monument
Natural monument
Arboretum Hense

Garten Hense

The tree collection is divided into home garden and former fruit camp (7.

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Field Garden Albersmeier

Feldgarten Schoneberg

2. 000 m² romantically designed collection and experimentation garden in the middle of the field.

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E-bike charging station - Schoneberg, Humbrechting Estate


The charging station is located on a farm with a café near Schoneberg.

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St. Stephen's Church in Oestinghausen

St. Stephanus Kirche

Location: 59510 Lippetal-Oestinghausen, An der Kirche - the oldest Lippetal building -.

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St. Maria zur Höhe (Hohne Church)

St. Maria zur Höhe

Impresses with magnificent and partly unusual ceiling and wall paintings as well as the only disc cross in Germany

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Soest, Hattrop, Hattropholsen, Borgeln, Stocklarn, Wiltrop, Hultrop, Heintrop, Lippborg, Kesseler, Herzfeld, Hovestadt, Schoneberg, Brockhausen, Thöningsen, Soest.With a length of 47 kilometers through flat terrain, it is also suitable for families if the children already have some stamina. There are only three small short climbs. The roads and paths are well paved throughout, but on the way we also cycle several times over short gravel paths, which are, however, unproblematic for bicycles.Since 2015, the entire Sauerland region has been signposted with the junction system: www.radeln-nach-zahlen.deSequence of junctions from Soest train station: 46 - 45 - 91 - 51 - 08 - 07 - 03 - 02 - 06 - 09 - 10 - 12 - 11 - 92 - 44 - 46

Safty guidelines

A rescue point system is installed throughout the region (Soest district, Hochsauerlandkreis district, Märkischer Kreis district, Olpe district and Siegen-Wittgenstein district). Rescue points can be found, among other things, on the information boards at the junctions of the Südwestfalen cycling network.

Public transiot

Take the IC and RE to the train station in Soest.

Getting there

The route offers three possibilities of starting. In Soest it is the bicycle station at the train station, in Lippetal we can start at the information point next to the Lippborg church or at the town hall in Hovestadt. The route description refers to the entry in Soest, but can be read suitably also for the two Lippetal points.

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